Ahimsa Trust’s Vision & Mission is to create a humane and sustainable world for all.

We execute our vision through expert implementation partners, both home-grown and international organisations and attract strategic partners to co-envision, co-invest and collaborate in the demand and supply-side interventions in the sector.

To this end, we seek to work in partnership with other organisations to drive capacity building in animal rights and animal welfare sectors, advocate the benefits of plant-based diets, support rescue and relief effort for animals in distress and accelerate policy reforms.

The Indian Animal Protection Movement hosts many remarkable home-grown organisations, with international organisations also stepping in to expand reach in Asian markets. Powered by passion, organisations are often overworked and short supplied on resources. Ahimsa’s goal is therefore to reduce this deficit by augmenting the work that is already underway. The growing population of animals is leading to an increased deficit in monetary, physical and skilled human resources in the already fragmented Animal Rights Movement. Not to mention, the lack of legal know-how and knowledge capital that further regresses the movement. We aim to bridge the gap by fostering a community of individuals and organisations pursuing the welfare of animals and fighting for their rights.