Our Mission

Our mission is to act as a catalyst to attract more investment and talent into the Animal and Environment Protection Sector in India which faces several challenges. Billions of animals suffer in ways that is destroying our planet and human health. Yet there is a massive dearth of funds and talent in the sector.

In collaboration with the Corporate sector and the many remarkable home-grown and international organizations in the animal & environment sector Ahimsa Trust seeks to drive capacity building to create leaders for the future, advocate the benefits of plant-based diets and support vegan entrepreneurs to create a vegan eco-system, encourage policy reforms and support rescue and relief efforts for animals in distress.

We don’t just provide grants - we work with our expert partners to strategise and create more effective solutions to the problems facing the sector.

Our Beliefs

Impact-based funding

Our 6 Pillars

Vegan Advocacy

Raise the profile of Plant- based movement through Digital campaign/ Direct & Corporate outreach

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Vegan Entrepreneurship

Enable an End-to-end eco- system for Plant-based entrepreneurs (for profit & non-profit)

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Build Capacity

Increase talent inflow & create leaders in the sector

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Regulatory Reform

Support regulatory reform & advocacy efforts in areas with maximum impact

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Rescue and Relief

Support small NGOs; and innovative models to increase reach and sensitize public

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Expand Circle of Influence

Explore intersection with the Environmental & Yoga/ Ayurveda movements



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News & Articles

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